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Ethiopia , Thursday 27 February 2020

News Ethiopia Amhara: Ethiopia: Briefing - Five Challenges Facing Ethiopia's Abiy

Published on: Wednesday 16 October 2019
Ethiopia: Briefing - Five Challenges Facing Ethiopia's Abiy
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Within Ethiopia, there are reports of frequent localised clashes across much of the country, though these are often hard to corroborate, while much goes unreported. Tensions are particularly high ...

News Ethiopia Amhara: Ethiopia's democracy dilemma

Published on: Wednesday 08 May 2019
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"The Amhara-Tigrayan border is one of most securitised in Africa — and that’s an internal border. You could have a severe civil war in Ethiopia fought by public military forces; it’s a scary scenario. ...

News Ethiopia Amhara: Dozens killed in ethnic clashes in Ethiopia: regional official

Published on: Friday 03 May 2019
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ADDIS ABABA: Dozens of civilians have been shot dead in ethnic clashes in Ethiopia's northern Amhara state, a regional official said Friday, describing the attacks as retaliation for earlier violence. ...

News Ethiopia Amhara: ‘We don’t want another messiah’: Newly vocal Ethiopians debate an uncertain future

Published on: Thursday 09 May 2019
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Just in the week before the show, there were reports of tit-for-tat massacres between the Amhara and Gumuz peoples in the northern part of the country that killed dozens. [After years of repression, ...

News Ethiopia Amhara: Ethiopian Region Demands Probe Into Killings Near Sudan Border

Published on: Tuesday 07 May 2019
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International investigators should probe the killings of more than 200 people in Ethiopia amid a territorial dispute near the Sudanese border, a regional official said. The violence occurred on Friday ...